The Work of Jean Piaget Essay

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The Work of Jean Piaget Jean Piaget, a Swiss psychologist, was a pioneer in the field of developmental psychology. He developed many fields of science, but is recognised primarily for his contribution to the field of genetic epistemology (the theory of knowledge). He believed that there was a biological explanation for the development of knowledge, and that children had their own processes of learning, and their thought processes were separate and distinct from adults. He developed a broad theory, based on his studies of children, which described four main stages in the learning process. He began studying children and the development of knowledge when he moved to Paris and began working on the…show more content…
Upon completing his doctorate and moving to the Sorbonne, and taking part in the research being conducted by Theodore Simon and Alfred Binet (of IQ-test fame), he was intrigued by the consistently 'wrong' answers given by children and decided to study their reasoning process further, recording interviews and play behaviour in order to document the children's reactions. His marriage in 1923 provided him with the opportunity to study children intimately; his first child was born in 1925, and his three children became the focus of research for both Piaget and his wife. He received numerous honorary degrees and held various influential positions during his career (president of the Swiss Society of Psychology, director of the Bureau International Office de l'Education, President of the Swiss Commission of UNESCO). He also created the International Center for Genetic Epistemology and the School of Sciences at the University of Geneva. His written work was prolific, and he was writing papers and articles right up until his death, aged 84. Piaget's belief that looking at how knowledge develops in children will expand our understanding of knowledge in general has led to many investigations into 'ways of knowing'; the fields of artificial intelligence and behavioural studies
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