The Work of a Family and Marriage Therapist Essay

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Family and Marriage therapists identify a wide variety of mental and behavioral issues within a family, individuals, and marriages. (, 2011) These therapists enable society to tackle their problems and move forward in a positive direction. Family and Marriage therapists are responsible for gathering information by testing and observing their patients. (, 2011) After receiving this information they are required to document and record information gathered from the patient sessions. (, 2011) Therapists should encourage individuals to use skills or strategies when faced with a problem and need to maintain an updated knowledge as new information develops. (, 2011) Some family and…show more content…
(Professional Examination Service, Inc. 2006) There is a wide variety of skills that family and marriage therapists possess. Strong communication is crucial when working with others; these therapists not only have to communicate well with their patients but also with co-workers. (, 2011) Family and marriage counselors also need to be active listeners; they need to be able to understand and focus on what their patients are saying and avoiding interrupting while a patient is speaking. (, 2011) Critical thinking is helpful for identifying problems and logically finding a solution. Family and marriage therapists are responsible for speaking clearly and in a way that patients can understand. (, 2011) Personality is extremely important and helpful in a career as a family and marriage therapist. Integrity is critical when entering any career; therapists are expected to be ethical and remain professional. (, 2011) Family and marriage therapists should be dependable and have self-control; they need to be committed to obligations and able to keep their emotions in check while working with others. (, 2011) Stressful situations are bound to occur sometime throughout a therapist’s career, keeping composure and accepting criticism is key to handling these situations. (, 2011) Some family and marriage therapists go on into
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