The Workforce Is Facing An Anomaly

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Introduction Currently the workforce is facing an anomaly; working individuals are likely working alongside coworkers born in different generations. In the near future, the Baby Boomer generation will transition into retirement. This event will open many upper level positions, which the Baby Boomer generation currently holds. The Baby Boomer generations represents 78.3 million individuals in the current population, with the Millennial generation representing 92 million in the current population. When this transition occurs, many Millennials will be given the opportunity to advance in their profession, and secure top-level management positions. Are Millennials prepared to transition into these upper level positions? This report will examine the (a) the multigenerational workforce, (b) the Baby Boomer generation, (c) the Millennial Generation, (d) workforce challenges, and (e) gap bridging recommendations. The Multigenerational Workforce Currently five generations are represented in the population. The five generations are the Traditionalists, the Baby Boomers, the Gen Xers, the Millennials, and the Gen 2020. Each of the five generations have identifiable characteristics that are consistent with their “birth time span.” The Baby Boomer generation and the Millennials are the two largest generations in the current population. Figure 1 shows the generations represented in the current population, along with specific information that relates to each generation. The three
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