The Workforce Of Today Is Made Up Of Individuals From Diverse Backgrounds

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The workforce of today is made up of individuals from diverse backgrounds. Given that every employee has to begin from somewhere, there is no replacement for the value of hands-on training in preparation for entry into the job market. The increased competitiveness of the job market means that there are certain attributes and skills other than education that employers are looking for in the process of recruiting potential candidates (Whetten & Cameron, 2002). Most of the students do not recognize the significance of possessing the transferable skills such as teamwork. The reason has been the assumption that the mastery of the skills in the specific discipline can enable them to secure their dream position after graduation. However, given that the employees have a central role to play in the achievement of business goals and objectives, employers are increasingly placing more emphasis on skills such as communication, teamwork, and social responsibility (Schuele & Madison, 2010). The principal argument in this essay is that social responsibility, communication, and teamwork significantly contribute to citizenship in the workplace. The paper evaluates the extent to which social responsibility, communication, and teamwork are important skills in the current or future workplace. Communication as an important attribute of workplace citizenship In the current business environment, employees are required to meet strict deadlines, handle more tasks, and take on more responsibilities.
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