The Workforce Today Encompasses Four Distinct Generations,

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The workforce today encompasses four distinct generations, and each of these generations brings its own characteristics and values to work. According to Kevin, problems in the workplace can result, because these different generations bring their varying views and expectations to work, potentially creating dilemmas. In Managing Multiple Generations in workplace, a generation is defined as a cohort of people who share common knowledge, assumptions, and beliefs. A generation is a group of people who have grown up in same era, and their social and historical context tends to produce shared values and approaches. Kevin describes these generations as following, specifically exploring their characteristic workplace behavior, the challenges they…show more content…
Baby Boomers want to be recognized for their contribution, and they make up 29% of today’s workforce.
Generation X (or Gen-Xers) are the so-called “lost generation.” They were born between 1965 and 1980, and there are about 53 million of them in the United States. They have been called a “lost generation” because they grew up with negligent or absent parents. Theirs was an experience of day-care, divorce, emotional insecurity and family instability. Most of these children’s parents were Boomers, for whom children were often less of a concern than their own careers and self-fulfillment. Generation-X workers have worked fewer hours and are less loyal to their employers. They separate family life and work, because they want flexibility and better work-life balance than preceding generations. They question authority even more than Boomers did and far more than their grandparents’ generation. They compose 34% of the United States workforce.
Generation Y, born between 1981 and 2000, are often referred to as “Millennials.” They grew up under close parental supervision, unlike Generation X. Their parents were far more protective because of the perception of rising school violence, drugs, and kidnapping; it is for this reason their parents have been nicknamed “helicopter parents.” Generation Y are less independent and less motivated by money. They have grown up using

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