The Working Class Has No College Experience

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The working class has no college experience according to Kahl and Gilbert. However, there are an estimated 50% of college graduates who cannot find full-time work. Nearly half of college graduates are considered over qualified and under employed. The last class is the underclass who are on welfare and make less than 12,000 dollars a year. This class is made up of people who do not have a college degree. They represent five percent of the population. My mother grew up in a ‘working poor’ family with five brothers and sisters. She was the only one of her siblings to move up the social ladder. Her brother is a door-to-door salesman. She was the only one to get any amount of college education. She has an Associate’s Degree in Computer Science. Both her parents dropped out of school in 8th grade. Most of her siblings did not graduate from high school. She was able to move up the social ladder because she earned a valuable education. Although it’s difficult to move up the social ladder, there are exceptions. Many people who grew up in the poorer classes and find fame through the entertainment industries climb to the top of the social ladder. To test my hypothesis that my mother moved up the social scale I used “Tom’s inflation calculator” and the New York Times “How Class Works.” My grandmother was 40 in 1972 and my mother was 40 in 1997. My mother grew up in a ‘working poor’ family in the developing area of Milton, Pennsylvania with her five brothers and sisters. Both parents
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