Essay about The Working Class in Canadian Society

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The Working Class in Canadian Society
Zoltan Kevsehi
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Over the past 200 years, there is an emergence and existence of the working class in Canada which has initiated the capitalist infrastructure (comprising the wage earners and the entrepreneurs) in Canada and also involving the struggles of the Canadian workers to claim their necessities and distress. Being the most difficult parts of the twentieth century, there had been very few people who had not been affected by the Great Depression. The working class in Canadian Society had been adversely affected during the time of Second World War and had even faced the repercussions of the War. With
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She examines the consequences of these years for women in their homes and workplaces, and in the dance halls and in the city court rooms. In her work, Katrina Srigley argues that young women were central to the labour market and family economies of Depression era. In it she shows how factors such as gender, race, class and marital status shaped women lives and influenced their job options, family arrangements, and leisure activities. She talks about women who have been forgotten and whose life experiences were left unstudied. She also highlights how women have learnt to compromise with the joys and pains of their live.

Similarities and Differences between the books in relation to the experience of working class women in Canada in the 1930’s.

As Chapter 1 of Katrina Srigley’s Breadwinning Daughters addresses, Young working woman in a depression, it shows how the young women of the working class in the Canadian society, have to search for jobs in order to assist their families, and also the struggles that they have to go through to get jobs and work according to it. At that time the scope for employment was scanty and the salaries of the workers were too low for any family to survive with adequate means. The rate of unemployment at that time has been 30% and the rate of unemployment for women has been much higher. Even though the economy of Canada started suffering from the year 1929 to 1939, the situation became too critical in 1933 and reached its

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