The Working Poor Analysis

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The society is in such a way that it falls into categories of people who belong to different social classes and this creates a difference in the way individuals lead their lifestyle, and in the way individuals interact with each other. The working poor refer to a social group which develops as a result of the social inequalities which exist in the society. The population comprises of individuals who put a lot of effort in their activities but still fail to witness growth and development in their socio-economic being. It is normally wrong to categorize such persons as being lazy, and instead, one may argue that nature dictates the fate of these beings.
The essay provides vital information about the social distinctions in the society but readers may disagree with the idea that the working poor may never get the opportunity to advance their lives, regardless of the effort they put. It is only right to argue that the working poor remain in the impoverished condition because their undertakings do not generate enough income to help them get out of the unfriendly situation. The working poor, however, may emerge to be
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The author, for example, states on page 379 in paragraph six that “If time is the most precious thing, wasting time must the major prodigality as Richard says. Lost time is never recovered and time is never sufficient. Let us get up and engage ourselves in a variety of activities with less perplexity. Every person should strive to wake up early because laziness cases poverty. Poor Richard says that early to bed and early to rise makes one wealthy and wise”. The paragraph is ironical in nature because the speaker is a pauper yet he knows what it takes to be successful. The statement means that the working poor may not advance their status regardless of their knowledge on how to become
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