The Working Unions Of The Knights Of Labor In America

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Working unions all across the country give working opportunities to the people who want to work. Then the Knights of Labor came and brought help to the working-class people of America from improved wages and better working conditions. Millions of people America benefited by what the Knights of Labor brought to them. During the Industrial Revolution the Knights of Labor were prompted to bring justice to blue collar America. The Knights of Labor was unions formed to prevent unfair wages and working conditions. The Knights of Labor was once a secret society of tailors that allowed fair job opportunities to come available to those who were seeking jobs.(“Knights of Labor” Strikes began to happen because unions were unhappy about their working conditions and their wages. The Knights came into play to stop the unions from striking, to achieve this they gave them fair wages and fair working conditions. In 1879 Terence Vincent Powderly took office and the Knights flourished under his leadership. More than seven hundred thousand members had joined the Knights after Powderly became leader. The Knights were known for allowing different sexes and races to work. “On the other hand, the Knights strongly supported the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882 and the Contract Labor Law of 1885; like many labor leaders at the time, Powderly believed these laws were needed to protect the American work force against competition from underpaid laborers imported by unscrupulous
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