The Workplace Before the Concept of Diversity

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The antecedent of diversity refers to the preceding of diversity- how the global business environment operated before the formal introduction of the diversity concept was incorporated into business operations. The following article is aimed at identifying and examining the workplace before the formal introduction of diversity. For research purposes, first world counties will be analyzed. Before the First World War (1917), diversity was practically non-existent. World War I was the dawn of a small movement towards diversity as minority workers slowly began to reflect a multicultural society, which moved away from the typical white male domination. After the war ended, women were forced to return to being housewives, however, they now possessed new skills. The Women's Bureau of the Department of Labor was formed in 1920 to safeguard women in the workplace. The National Council of Negro Women was founded in 1935 to lobby Congress against racism, sexism and job discrimination ( During the Second World War, there was a need for women to return to the workplace in-order to fill the void created by the departed service men. This was on a larger scale and working environments ventured into services ranging from manual labour to testing pilots. Although most jobs were lost to retuning GI’s, the workplace was forever changed (; women now began to demand jobs. President Harry Truman integrated the U.S. military
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