The Workplace Conflict Of The Volunteer

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A workplace conflict that I am experiencing has to deal with a titled volunteer who is not performing their job functions satisfactory to the organization 's goals. This particular position is responsible for the financial transactions of the organization. Things that they are needed to do is to pay bills, report on time and other financial activities. When the volunteer was communicated with they responded with an extremely caustic attitude and shortness. In addition, the volunteer has refused to return phone calls of the organization and does not follow organizational procedures. On the last occasion that I communicated with the volunteer regarding needing a copy of the financial report their response was, "I 'll get it to you if I can!" Needless to say once this situation was brought to the attention of the board and they approached her about data that was needed they determined that the volunteer is not a team player. Impacts that Cultural Norms may have on the Conflict Studies have revealed that organizational communication among other elements impact how a person understands and manages conflict (Alhassan, M. A., Zulkipli, G., & Nizam Isha, A. S., 2014). This has a significant impact on the effectiveness of an organization. Goswami & Goswami list the first element of organizational structure as effective communication, followed by effective coordination, speed responsiveness to the customer internally and externally as well as empowerment of the employees through the
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