The Workplace Of A Corporation Can Be Categorized As Four Archetypes

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In the workplace, people are often asked to work as a group to get their cases done, especially when they are facing some big, complicated and tough projects. Theoretically, the majority of people will choose someone who has stronger ability to solve problems and accomplish works to work with. Nonetheless, in more cases in reality, people tend to prefer the popular and the likable other than the qualified. So here’s the point: In real life, people would prefer likability over competency. The article basically illustrated a rule that all the employees in a corporation can be categorized as four archetypes: the competent jerk, who is competent yet hard to work with; the lovable fool,who’s lovely but knows quite little; the lovable star, who is both acknowledged and likable; and the incompetent jerk: disappointing to work with yet knows nothing. As the authors summarized in this article, on the basis of their research among varying sizes and purposes companies in both North America and Europe illustrated, no matter in which industry and what kind of corporations, people are always willing to work with a likable star but never an incompetent fool. What is more, their research further proved that no matter how smart and qualified a person was, as long as he was considered “extremely disappointing to work with”,nobody would work with that unlikable person. As we’ve known that in real workplaces, people generally prefer the lovable fool when facing the selection between a
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