Workplace Culture Case Study: Virgin Atlantic, South-West Airlines

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There are several factors that do affect a given business, with the most outspoken being the leadership of the organization. Other factors include staffing, planning and marketing among many others. A combination of all these factors leads to a self-sustaining structure, a given way of operations within the firm, commonly referred to as workplace culture. This is displayed in the conduct of the employees and in the general relations within the firm’s staff and the society at large. This paper consists of two parts; part I which goes in to describe the specific culture, and part II that presents a sample case through an interview. The culture of airlines is one that is revered across all disciplines. It is based on a timely schedule and a discipline to match. From the staff requirements to the handling of clients, the aviation industry is one whose culture does not leave room for erroneous deeds or else the consequences are dire. There are several companies today that exemplify the workplace culture of the aviation industry with such precision. They include; Virgin Atlantic, British Airways, South-West Airlines, KLM (Dutch Royal Airlines) among many more. To begin with, the staffing of the aviation industry is comprised of a majority of skilled workers. This is because of the complex operations involved, for instance, pilots, cabin crew and air-traffic controllers are among the many in charge of the flight operations. On the ground, there are ticketing officials, security

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