The Workplace Of The Cheesecake Factory

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The Cheesecake Factory has been in operation for over thirty years. We opened the door to the first Cheesecake Factory store on February 25,1978 in Beverly Hills, California. Since then, we have excelled and expanded tremendously. We currently have over two hundred stores around the world. Our unique settings set us apart and give us diversity in the restaurant industry. We appeal to a vast majority of patrons, and pride ourselves on the integrity of the Company. Our staff is just as diverse as the dining experience that we offer. We are aware that our staff consists of persons for many different background. The Cheesecake Factory has A Code of Conduct in place to regulate conduct and ensure that, while providing great service, the staff…show more content…
This key area is important to the Company because it provides a general overview of the level of respect that is expected to be upheld by all staff members. It clearly explains that staff is responsible and will be held accountable for complying with the rules and regulations set forth in the Code of Conduct as it pertains to this Company. The General Standards of Conduct holds both management and hourly staff to a universal level of standards ensuring that everyone be treated fairly.

Conflicts of Interests

All staff members have responsibilities with respect to our Company and its stockholders. Accordingly, staff members must avoid situations that create a conflict of interest or the appearance of a conflict of interest with the Company. A conflict of interest often arises when an individual’s personal interests conflict with those of the Company.

The Conflict of Interests section is a significant area because it explains in full detail the responsibilty of the staff to uphold the best interest of the company in any situations that may arise. It is important for the staff to know and understand that you all are representation of the Cheesecake Factory. We must all work together to continuosly better the future of Company. This section explains the importance of communicating with upper management as well and using sounds judgement when facing situations to ensure that the best interest of the Company is

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