The Works Of Art Have Created With Multiple Mediums

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Works of art have been created with multiple mediums throughout the centuries. Oils and watercolor paints are two popular painting mediums that is widely used by countless artists. Painters such as Charles Demuth, Thomas Eakins, and Georgia O’Keeffe were rather famous for their watercolor paintings while William Adolphe Bouguereau, Andy Warhol, and John Lafarge were popular for their oil paintings. These two paint types, both illustrate ideas, but through differing effects of whichever paint option used, whether it be watercolors or oil paints. Watercolors are generally considered loose paints for their flowy pigments that hold a pellucid appearance. Known for being rather unpredictable, watercolors have gained a somewhat unfortunate reputation amongst the paints. They drip, and mix together, creating a myriad of colors that will eventually turn gray and cloudy. But aside from the few mishaps watercolors create, beauty is accomplished after practicing with the spontaneous paint. Watercolor in particular is a transparent and light medium which allows light to bounce off of the paper and reflect through the paint. This then creates this light, airy essence, which is evident in countless watercolor artworks. This transparency is what makes watercolors stand out from other paintings; as layers of a particular color are added, the richness intensifies. The versatility of watercolors allows the paint to create different shades and hues without wasting as much paint as other
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