The Works Of Francisco De Goya

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Francisco de Goya was born in 1746 in the village of Fuendetodos in Aragon. He started studying painting before the age of 14. Goya lived in Spain during the French occupation in 1808 that led to the Peninsular War of 1808–1814;therefore, the war changed Goya’s paints pallet from bright colors to dark colors. Goya painted the struggle the Spanish people went through. For instance, he painted The Third of May and The Disaster of The War series. Goya also suffered from a severe and undiagnosed illness in ,1793, which left him completely deaf. This was another reason leading to his darker paintings. Also Josefa’s death affected Goya’s painting, while he was mentally and emotionally processing the war by painting the Second of May, 1808 and…show more content…
Goya’s painted a man who is about to be shot, men who have just been shot, and line of men who are about to be shot. Goya makes us see the Spanish people’s faces, and their emotions, to make us have empathy. In the other hand, the solders lined up with their backs toward us leave us with no feeling for them. Saturn Devouring His Son is another painting by Goya. It was painted from 1819 to 1823. According to the traditional interpretation, it depicts the Greek myth of the Titan Cronus . Saturn Devouring His Son is one of Goya’s darkest paintings. It was painted directly onto the wall of his house. The painting is about Saturn, the God of time, who was told that one of his sons will dethrone him. In order to prevent that Saturn devoured his children as they were born, but Jupiter escaped so Saturn in the end was dethroned and couldn’t escape. This terrifying story is depicted in a horrific way in this painting. We can see the horror in Saturn’s eyes as he pulls his son’s arm into his mouth. He is trying to seek revenge, and tells us that no one can take away what he has. Also Saturn’s facial expression gives us the feeling that Saturn knows that he is not doing the right thing, so he tries to do it as quickly as possible, he is trying not to listen to his heart, but to listen to his head only. Although this is his son, he thinks he shouldn’t feel sorry for him
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