The Works Of Montien Boonma, Shirin Neshat And Frida Kahlo

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The work of an artist is an expression and an extension of an artist 's belief and/or disbeliefs on a certain topic. The artist conveys their belief in many different ways, some of which can result in literal forms or some with more abstract meanings. The artist could do a piece to convey a variety of different expressions such as the beauty of an object or their views on the world, being politics or religion in particular. The main connections to these artists and their work is the symbol of belief due to either their cultural upbringing or their own personal view of life, which may have had an influence of some sort. In the following I will discuss and analyse the works of Montien Boonma, Shirin Neshat and Frida Kahlo in comparison with my work analysing meaning, techniques, inspiration and style. For Montien Boonma I will be analyse his self-portrait titled The Temple of the Mind where he uses old Thai traditions and beliefs to shape his work. For Shirin Neshat I will be looking at a portrait titled Rebellious Silence and although it may not be a self-portrait it is still a portrait which conveys her beliefs of a certain matter. The last artist I will analyse is Frida Khalo and her self-portrait titled Self-portrait with Thorn Necklace and Hummingbirds in which she uses traditional and cultural symbols to portray her beliefs. In Boonma’s Temple of the mind he expresses and explores not only his credences, but the transformation and tension between the rural and the

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