The Works Of The Cleveland Museum Of Art

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A Different Approach to Viewing a Masterpiece Cleveland has been fortunate enough to have become home several popular museums, including The Cleveland Museum of Art. The museum is filled with impressive masterpieces from the beginning of human documented time to today’s world. This free exhibit offers an exciting, enjoyable experience to those of all ages and those of all backgrounds. From the interactive futuristic portions of the building, to the delicate works of the past, there is something at this museum to please each person’s artistic mindset. As you arrive into the reception area of the Cleveland Museum of Art, you are greeted with silence. The clomping of shoes and whispers of fellow museum goers about what the “true meaning” behind the piece is fills the air. The first floor of the museum is dedicated to historical artifacts and artwork dating in the time period called Before Common Era (B.C.E.). Each piece is accompanied by a placard on the wall courtesy of the museum. The pieces are approximately dated, described, and an explanation of how each piece was used is given in the short paragraph. The second floor of the museum is filled with paintings and works from the Common Era. These pieces originate all over the world and span centuries. It includes pottery and figurines from first century Asia, suits of armor from the Medieval Era in Europe, to contemporary paintings and sculptures in the Americas. This is where the majority of well-known artwork is located.

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