The Works Of The Dunham Bible Museum

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The Dunham Bible Museum possesses many unique and rare artifacts that are not only important to our nation’s history but also vital to the history of Christianity. One artifact that touched my heart the most and is the most exclusive item in the museum was the Francis Bailey New Testament, which is the only known complete copy of the earliest English Testament printed in the United States of America. Although this artifact may hold a huge amount of significance to historians, Americans, and most importantly Christians, many people are unaware of the facts and stories behind the book that I will explain through this paper such as the artifact as a physical object, its historical context, and why it should be kept in a museum. First of all, the Francis Bailey New Testament has very unique yet simple physical properties. It may look like a regular Bible however the fact that it has survived for 234 years sets it apart from most of the artifacts present in the museum. The New Testament’s pages measure to be approximately five to five and a half inches by seven to seven and a half inches. This elegant book has a contemporary full calf and also has double blind rule borders on upper and lower covers. Because the artifact is so old, a few small chips to the first blank but the tips and fines were very cleverly restored. In all other aspects, this book is in great shape and maintained. Currently, it is enclosed in a specially made half- morocco clamshell case. This precious item

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