The Works Of The Renaissance Period

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The artist I chose to write my descriptive criticism about is Michelangelo Buonarroti. I chose him because his style as an artist intrigues me and I wanted to get myself involved with more of his work. Michelangelo was born in Caprese, Italy in 1475 and died in Rome, Italy 1564 but buried in Florence . He is a well known sculptor ' painter, architect, and poet whom never married. The artist had many great works but there will be three in particular that has caught my eye that will be the focus of this paper. All of the pieces that I will be discussing are a part of the Renaissance period . The first piece that I will focus on is called Pieta ' (1499) in St.Peter 's Basilica. This is a sculpture of what seems to be the virgin Mary and Jesus after he was crucified. This sculpture is a piece that was unique to me. As I looked at this piece it seemed in away almost life like but the way he sculpted Mary was bueatifully done. You can see the expression on her face and even the look of her garments that she wore were very detailed. I noticed the way this painting has a triangular approach. If u look from the top of her head where her veil starts to flow all the way to the floor or the feet of her son Jesus that is in the shape of the triangle. The picture shows so much emotion. It shows Jesus lifeless in his mothers arms. You can see fine details even little nail marks in his side. Exactly what does this sculpture portray I do not know but I do know that just from
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