The Works Of William Shakespeare 's ' Beethoven '

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There are many fine examples of his quality of work in this period. However, his one opera would have to be at the top of the list. Fidelio was the only opera Beethoven wrote. Not only was it his only opera, but he rewrote it three times with at least “four different overtures” (Hanning 378). If this does not show Beethoven’s quality is his work then what does? He wanted this opera to be absolutely perfect, and it was fantastic! Not only were the music and words great, but Beethoven made sure to have a strong plot line to back it up. “Beethoven’s music transforms this conventional material, making the chief character, Leonore, an idealized figure of sublime courage and self-denial” (Hanning 378). The quality of work done in and on the piece is amazing. It is hard to find quality that equals that of the work Beethoven put into his compositions. Are other composers and musicians good? Most definitely, but, Beethoven’s work is still supremely popular today because of its quality. Another piece of music that was written during this time, which shows off his quality once again, would have to be, Symphony No. 5. This symphony is part of Beethoven’s middle symphonies, 4, 5, and 6. All three of these were also composed within three years (1806-1808). While many people may be familiar with the sixth symphony, Pastoral Symphony, the fifth one has remained the most famous. It is a stark contrast to many of his other works because the key “can be considered the musical projection of
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