The Works Progress Administration ( Wpa )

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1935: Works Progress Administration (WPA): The Works Progress Administration was a part of the Second New Deal created by President Franklin D. Roosevelt. The purpose of the WPA was passed to try to gain relief among the American citizen who were affected by the Great Depression and unemployment. The WPA did multiple things such as found jobs for the elderly, employed people without competing with private industries, and funded the works of artists and writers. The Workers Progress Administration is significant because it helped bring jobs back into the lives that had suffered from the Great Depression and gave hope to Americans that the standard of living would begin to get better. Dec. 7, 1941: Pearl Harbor: During WWII, the Japanese bombed an American military base located in Hawaii because they wanted to increase their power in the Pacific. The bombing of Pearl Harbor left more than 2000 men dead and injured more than 1000. The attack also causes Congress to declare war on Japan the following day meaning the United States was officially involved in WWII. The attack on Pearl Harbor is important because it was the main factor that lead the United States to get involved in World War II. 1942: The Manhattan Project: The Manhattan Project was a military project that created the Unites States’ first atomic bomb. The project that was researched, put together, and tested was used as a threat to Japan so that they would surrender. The Japanese military refused to surrender
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