The Works That Have Impacted The Art World And Have Made It What It Is Today?

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Research Paper Throughout time there has been of course many influences that have impacted the art world and have made it what it is today. However, there are some artistic movements that have had a greater impact and stand out over others. The movement that has always personally stood out to me was Ancient Egyptian art. The works that were produced for time period are interesting in terms of the lack of tools and the innovation to make these paintings, sculptures, and architecture that almost seem impossible to have been constructed. In my opinion the arts produced during the Early Dynastic through the New Kingdom of Ancient Egypt are some of the most technologically advance forms that stand out over all other art forms for the time…show more content…
Instead we must develop a psychical distance or detachment from ancient Egyptian art in order to view it in its purest aesthetic form. Once we have achieved this then we can move on to the first of the two methods, formalism.
With this method of formalism we compare form and style, analyzing only the purely visual aspects such as color, line, shape and texture of an object or artwork. Two formalist individuals worth mentioning are Immanuel Kant and Clive Bell. Kant who teaches us the importance of the disinterested viewer, and Bell who also explains this. Bell states in his article The Aesthetic Hypothesis that "Our practical interests, with their correlative pleasures and pains, are blended, become confused now and then, and disquiet our aesthetic interest, but never become united with it”. So even though ancient Egyptian art has always stood out to me personally, we cannot let our personal interests or emotions effect the way we analyze the works produced from ancient Egypt.
The second of the two methods needed to view and analyze the works from ancient Egypt is iconography. This method studies the content of images and symbols depicted within a certain work of art or interpretation of these. One art historian whose works of iconography are still relevant today was Erwin Panofsky. Iconography is split into three levels of learning
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