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Like all other authors, E. B. White’s work was critically analyzed throughout his career. Most would give bad feedback, but everyone loved him and his writing. He had such a unique style of writing that made him popular for all ages. His books ranged from children books all the way to humor and knowledge about the styles of writing for adults. His ability to open up readers’ imaginations draws them in and makes them wanting more. With that, E. B. White is still considered one of the most-loved and best selling authors in history today. Elwyn Brooks White was born on July 11, 1899. As a child, White did not enjoy school much. He preferred to be outside like any other young boy (Meet E. B. White, 6). When he grew older, he…show more content…
According to Delaney, Thoreau’s subtle humor and individualistic philosophy has influenced White and it can be seen through his writing, including his short fiction. Delaney also said that White never lost his sense of humor even when dealing with depressing subjects. Most characteristic of White’s short stories is their strange mixture of humor and emotional distress. In this way he resembles his friend James Thurber. Thurber was a major influence on White, just as White was on him. Delaney also went on to say that they were both admirers of Henry James, and that older writer’s high literary standards and dedication to his craft are obviously reflected in White’s short stories. White has also been praised for his use of prose style. This makes his writing flow easily and seem almost effortless. Years before he started working at The New Yorker, White had started to write stories about a little mouse named Stuart Little and in 1941 he decided he wanted to finish the stories. In 1945, Stuart Little was published. This novel is about conflict, coping, persistence, and hope. It’s an episodic adventure tale reminiscent of novels in the picaresque style. A fantasy is also relayed through omniscient third-person narration. In this story, Stuart is challenged by his size and must struggle to complete even the simplest tasks that most people take for

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