The Works of George Orwell

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Orwell is very fearful of propaganda because political parties are capable of using this concept as a weapon to control behavior and thoughts of people. In my essay I will be discussing the following works of George Orwell: Looking Back on the Spanish War, Politics and the English Language, Animal Farm and 1984. With the use various characters, symbols and themes, George Orwell draws a clear picture regarding how through misuse of language, technology and religion, propaganda is developed and marketed to the public. Throughout his essays and novels, George Orwell constantly discusses his opinion on the importance of past history. Orwell believed in the idea that, if individuals had true knowledge about the past, it would be much easier to understand the present. Also, having knowledge about past history can reflect our present and future actions. In the essay, Looking Back on the Spanish War, Orwell shares his fear for humanity and the world, because " p. 198 the very concept of objective truth is fading out." In this essay, Orwell points out that political parties are extensively spreading bias propaganda for their own benefits. Political leaders have substantial amount of power and they misuse that power to persuade and control writers and historians. By…

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