The World All Types Of Music Artists

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Denise Baltazar
Professor McKennon
English 100 B
6 March 2015

UHUHH In today’s world all types of music artists are expressing their feelings and views in their works about what they see and what they know. Songs are best way of using freedom of speech right while expressing all feelings and emotions. The question is, are they really free to express their feelings wholly? Unfortunately they are not really free even though
First Amendment says they are.
Music is a big part in every individual’s life, and everyone has their own and unique tastes in the kind of music they listen to. Moods can be reflected by the type of music we listen to; whether it is songs for difficult times or upbeat songs that can get you up your feet and
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A lot of rappers/ artists express their feelings of their childhood, growing up poor, growing up in the ghetto/hood, while communicating this with racial issues and tensions, especially with African-Americans and the police. Most notably with the rap group N.W.A. These genres are accused of promoting violence against higher authority, and influence negative behaviors such as drugs and sexual abuse towards women. An example of racial motivations that played a large role is the F.B.I’s 1989 letter to the rap group N.W.A. The F.B.I’s intent was to notify the rap group that their song “Fuck tha
Police” was not appreciated by the government. N.W.A. supporters argue the group was only expressing the frustrations of inner-city blacks and holding a mirror to their everyday reality.
While no legal action took place, the example helps give context to the pressures behind government and music censorship. Not only Rap/Hip-Hop but Rock-and-Roll has caused controversy as well. It is in-famous for influencing rowdy and rebellious behavior to younger audiences, including sex and drugs.
As these genres and popularity grow, the controversy increases as people become more concerned about the bad influence it has towards society. Is has gone to the extent to call for censorship on the songs of these controversial genres. In my opinion, I highly disagree with this action because music expresses an artist’s feelings and should not be underprivileged of its
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