The World And Western World

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ISIS, a sprouting issue since 1999, a prominent dilemma since 2014, has brought upon millions of Middle Eastern citizens suffering and grief-especially those of Iraq and Syria-with the establishment of their self-declared caliphate. This particular group has enlisted over 100,000 extremists from a global spectrum to wage an unjust holy war wherever effective in bringing them closer to their goal of colonizing the Eastern world and Western world alike. Along with committing high-profile terrorist attacks, ISIS has also publicly threatened a myriad of other countries and beheaded innocent prisoners for refusing to submit to radical interpretations of Sunni Islam. In return, the United States has launched over 20,000 airstrikes…show more content…
According to Muslim Discrimination Cases Disproportionately High in U.S., "There has been a 150 percent jump in workplace discrimination against Muslims, often over religious dress and worship schedules, while Muslim youth can often become the victims of school yard bullying." (Maygers 1). Simply following Islam in this country puts Muslims at risk of unemployment, denial of access to public venues, and physical and/or verbal harassment. Although incidents of the sort happen often enough to be considered a major social issue, it seems as though the government is not acknowledging any form of discrimination against anything Islamic. The first amendment in our constitution grants all American citizens the freedom to practice their religion, but when Muslims ' rights are challenged, American authorities are not as defensive as they should be. That leaves room for American Muslims to question if their own government is protecting them or not. If they feel they are not receiving the protection from their domestic authority, it becomes a highly likely possibility that authority will be sought elsewhere. As mentioned by U.S. Muslims Take on ISIS ' Recruiting Machine, "Though some Muslim leaders still resist cooperating with the government, fearing that they would be contributing to religious profiling and anti-Muslim bigotry, many have been spurred to respond as they have come into contact with religiously ardent youths who feel alienated
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