The World Are Victims Of Human Trafficking

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It is estimated that more than 20 million men, women and children around the world are victims of human trafficking citation?. The United States is one of many countries that is a source and destination for these men, women and children of all nationalities. When most think of human trafficking, most think of sex trafficking. There is more than one way to traffic a human being though, whether it be through forced labor, debt bondage, or forced serving. Citation?. The first thing I asked myself before starting this paper was “I know it is happening everyday but because it doesn 't happen around me (that I know of), where is it happening?” The answer is brothels, massage parlors, street prostitution, hotel services, hospitality,…show more content…
It is like a push-pull effect. People in poverty need money or status and these rich individuals know how to get them what they want and use them to their own advantage. Citations? The Borgen Project website said it best “Vulnerable people seeking better conditions for themselves and their families can be trafficked through job offers, training and false economic opportunities” (Wright, 2015, para. # 4). Runaway children are the biggest victims when it comes to trafficking, whether it be sexually or for jobs because they don 't have anyone to look after them and are easy to make disappear. Although, that is not to say that people with parents to look out for them do not end up in terrible situations as well. Most laws in other countries are used against trafficking victims, not for them. In Italy, laborers brought in illegally can be put in jail, fined and deported as immigrants but anywhere else overseas, trafficking victims can be charged and jailed for prostitution. Laws change all the time in these impoverished areas are improving, but the pace is slow. Citations? Description of the policy In order to help the growing and widespread issue of trafficking, members of the international community have come together and established new laws to the Transnational Crime Commission that has banned trafficking and results in the Palermo Protocol,
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