The World Around Me

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Reading this third set of articles has been an enlightening experience. These articles address issues which I had only superficially thought about before. I was already aware and somewhat uncomfortable with some aspects of the economic life but, while I felt the need to investigate them further, I had always deferred this exercise because of its complexity and also perhaps by apprehension. In a way, I feared that further investigation would upset my personal ambitions. I will try and define some of the issues and dilemmas that I think we are facing. I will start with the simple observation of the world around me. I feel like everything is a big race with no clear finishing line. In fact, the goalpost is simply the runner in front of you and there is no runner who is ahead of the race because there is no extrinsic finishing line to measure his progress against. We are basically competing against others for the acquisition of material things and for the recognition which comes with it. I know that this is a bit illusory because we are well aware that happiness is far more than material satisfaction. But we carry on doing it because it is our nature. I believe economic growth is the result of this and we should not complain too much about it because it is what keeps us going and the economic frenzy which comes out of it takes some people out of poverty. Until I read Daly’s article on the Steady-State Economy, I thought that there was no alternative way of looking at it.
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