The World As A Global World

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By checking the dictionary can know that “global” means the whole world, also can be interpreted as multiple and rich. In a global society, there should have many different cultures; races and countries live in the different or same areas of the world. As the technologies developing there are more and more areas of the world have been found, cultures have been discovered. Even though in the past time, people would like to explore the area they live. Such as old China, build relationships through national trade, war or marriage with surrounding. By understand what it means “global society”, is not hard to figure out that means a convenient lifestyle, a chance to learn and enjoy different cultures and everyone should be able to have same right. Living in a global society is basically suggesting that the world as a community is getting smaller. (Lakshmi S. I, Daniel J. P, 2014) This essay will proof we live in a global world by discuss about cultures, technology and right. As the improvement of living standards, more and more parents who from the third world countries, would like to send their children to another countries to pursue better chance of education and expose different cultures. For example the students who from China, the numbers of them go abroad to study are increasing every year. This behavior cannot be regarded as unilateral learn cultures and knowledge of other countries, because each students come from different area or countries, they have multiple

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