The World As We Know Today

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In the world as we know today “humans” are transforming as we know it, the pure definition of what it is to be human can never have a true answer as humans are constantly evolving. Before taking ISP 255 I originally came in this class with the notion that being a human is the fact that we are bipedal and assume other different unique characteristics. However my views of this have changed since taking the class because my mind adapted new ideas and theories. Humans can be defined as many things as of today because we are living in a time where humanness is changing constantly. The many technologies that we build to make life easier for ourselves is creating a whole new world. When our species first inhabited the earth we weren’t alone as evidence shows, there were many creatures including dinosaurs. What separated us from any animals including dinosaurs is our free will to think of something and then attempt to do it rather than rely on pure instincts. Every human has the consciousness to hold them back from following they’re pure instincts and that alone is a sign of being human. Humanity created many different religions and all of these religions follow the same guidelines that keep the humans that follow them in order. Even people who don’t believe in a religion are still human because they had that personal choice of choosing to not follow a religion. This is the main characteristic of being human, the free will to do as you choose and exceed limitations of instincts. In
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