The World Bank : Professional Organization Report Essay

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United Nations Foundation Professional Organization Report WRT293 Introduction to Professional Writing Edmundo Gomez December 5, 2016 The World Bank The World Bank is an international organization that strives to work with countries to end poverty and increase global economic growth. Created in 1944 they have locations in five countries, each managed by their host country and are headquarter in Washington, DC. With over 10,000 employees the World Bank supplies countries with the tools needed to progress and sustain. According to the “What We Do” page The World Bank has two missions which they base all their work on. The first is to bring down to below three percent the number of people living on $1.99 and to promote the economic growth of the bottom forty percent of every country (para. 1). They do this by offering low interest loans, credit and grants to countries in need. Additionally, they give policy advisement based on top research that is used to inform countries on investment opportunities. Because many financial issues that countries face are based on social issues The World Bank has conducted research that aims to better improve the life of women, people of color and other disenfranchised communities. The Annual Meeting with International Monetary Fund and World Bank Group The Annual Meeting is held every year in the spring and according to their event website over 11,000 people participated in both formal and informal talks on corruption,

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