The World Can Be Quite Dangerous

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The world can be quite beautiful from a high-up place. You have all the buildings spread out in front of you like a painting. Then, you just have the sky as the background, bringing life to everything. It’s almost like you’re living in another world.
The world can also be quite dangerous. In my case, I’m standing from the edge of a fifty foot story building with nothing to hold onto if I fall. There’s nothing between me and the edge of oblivion.
Did I forget to mention there were a bunch of monsters behind me?
I would say they looked a bit like really ugly boar about the size of cattle. Except they had black hair and dark yellow eyes. I was at the edge of building now, and if I backed away any further to get away from Them I would fall to my immediate death. When they started edging closer to me, I realize I had no choice and I step off. They say when you’re about to die your life seems to flash before your eyes. I would say the same happened to me because as I fell the only thing I could think of how things were before. I remember the day I got sent home early from school so my mom could tell me my father died. He was driving drunk on the interstate and crashed into the back of a semi. The doctor said he died on impact.
You would expect me to be surprised or upset. The fact is I didn’t really feel anything. I didn’t care. I know that makes me sound like a jerk, but if you knew my father you wouldn’t be surprised either.
You see, my father never really…
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