The World Communication Is A Basic Necessity

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1. Before written language how did people communicated? In today’s world communication is a basic necessity. Without communication we would not be able to share our knowledge or connect and interaction with people. Schooling would be almost impossible if we did not have some form of a common written language, but what did people do before written language? Written language did not develop until around 3200 BCE so how did people share ideas and communicate warnings before there was such a thing as written language? The first record of communication that we have is ideographs, in which images stood for ideas. Today we call these cave paintings which have become synonymous with prehistoric time. Many people debated if these paintings could have just been a means of decoration, but since these paintings have been found in caves that were hard to get to, archeologist have determined that the paintings were not used as a form of decoration. Archeologists have determined that cave paintings were was primarily used by cavemen as a method to communicate between the people. There have been some debates on whether these paintings were used for communication or for religious and ceremonial purposes. However, this does not count as a form of written language because it does not have a system of sounds or rule system. 2. How do different languages develop and what is the difference between a dialect and a completely different language? Language is a very complex system that can be
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