The World Consists Of The Different Types Of People

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The world consists of the different types of people in the particular country. The statement “Aboriginal people” was new to me because I am from another nation where such kind of individuals does not exist. I had not taken any subject in my country related to the issues that are existing in another country such as in America, Canada etc. Canada is the first place where I knew about aboriginal people. The following paragraphs will show about the situations faced by the aboriginal people in the past and present day. I got the information about this from the class lecture notes and from watching the videos related to the indigenous population.
It is quite surprising that the condition of aboriginals was really worst in Canada. The biggest problem is that the people are suffering from the culture loss. The indigenous persons have to opt with the English language that is mandatory for them to become a citizen of Canada and they do not get attached to their mother tongue. A huge change to occur in their life, as they cannot perform their original lifestyle in a new country. The culture loss was also seen among the students that were sent to the Residential Schools because they were taken away from the parents and taught another language due to which they lost their traditional language to communicate with their parents. But afterwards, the government regret for such residential schools and promise to make new residential schools that will be designed according to the needs of…
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