The World Could A Person Figure Out Why An Author

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ELA7_SB_U5_L3 Introduction and Objective How in the world could a person figure out why an author wrote a piece? How could you get inside the head of the author? Maybe someone could get a shrink ray, shrink herself, then crawl into the ear of the author and take a look into his brain. No, that doesn’t seem possible either. Today 's lesson objective is: Students will discuss an author 's point of view or purpose in a text and explain how it is conveyed in the text. Take a minute to consider the objective and the strategies you will need to accomplish it. What do you remember from prior lessons in this unit about the reasons why authors write? How do you think you can use clues to make inferences about the author’s point of view or stance? Write your ideas in your digital notebook. Link: Instruction, Modeling and Student Activities DOK 1 Author’s purpose usually refers to the reason why an author would write the piece of text that he or she did. You don’t need to actually get into the mind of an author to make inferences about why he or she wrote the piece. However, you can use your own brain! There are three categories used to organize the reasons why author’s write. In most cases, authors write to inform, entertain, or persuade the reader. Take a look at the information in the chart below to learn more about these

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