The World Has Become Global Village Because of It Revolution

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Contents ➢ Abbreviations 1 ➢ Introduction 2 . The Global Village 2 . The IT Revolution 3 . The World has become a Global Village Because of IT revolution 3 ➢ The impacts of IT on globalization 6 . The Globalization of News 6 . The Globalization of Internet 7 . The Globalization of Electronic commerce 7 . The Globalization of Marketing 8 . E-Learning 9 . Online Health care 9 . E- Communication 10 ➢ Conclusion 12 ➢ Suggestions and Recommendations…show more content…
Information Technology have evolved extreme rapidly in the past decades few years ago, all that you could do with a computer, was primarily make mathematical calculations and type documents, but doing that required typing in a series of complex codes that took a great deal of training to learn. Then the Apple computer company took this complex computer language and evolved it to a simpler system of computer language using words that made sense in their context. This system was called BASIC. BASIC was a major development in the compute. The IT (Information technology) is breaking through geographical barriers and distance, integrating the entire world into a cohesive village. The author concludes that while some parts that of the world fit into the description of a global village, others cannot due to unequal development and inaccessibility to technology. Whether the world will become a global village or not will depend on the political class and their international policies. If the whole world had access to the internet, which now has become the main medium of communication considering that we will be able to watch traditional TV on it when we want and what we want, then I think the term “global village” would be a correct term as the whole world would be connected, therefore would belong to a community, a virtual

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