The World Is A Single Gigantic Sphere Of Energy

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Utilizing What We Have The world is a single gigantic sphere of energy. The Earth contains other branches of different types of energy such as: Kinetic, potential, mechanical, heats, chemical, light, and atomic energy, solar, hydroelectric is different types of energy sources. When using kinetic energy, you use force which is scientifically defined as a push or pull on an object. When work is being done it is considered kinetic energy. For example: When you do a kip on bars, during the glide you pull your toes to the bar instead of muscling up, once you start to come to front position, you must push down on the bar, in order to arrive at the bar in front position. These are examples of push and pull force we use in everyday life. Whether it is opening a door, or pushing a stroller our lives consist of force, and kinetic energy. Potential energy is stored energy. When you are standing still you are exercising potential energy, because no work is being done. If someone was to bump into you, and you would move it would be considered kinetic energy. However, if you take a picture of person NO.1 standing still, and person NO.2 moving toward them, the picture would contain both potential energy, and kinetic energy. Heat energy is primarily observed with friction. All friction contains heat. For example: when a tailpipe on a car comes unlatched. If you do not know it is loose, over time it becomes looser. Eventually it could start dragging on the ground while the vehicle is in

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