The World Is Absurd And The Human Existence Of The United States

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Jean-Paul Sartre was an existentialist born in France in the early 1900s. He was a philosopher, novelist, and teacher who was heavily influenced by the acts of World War II. Some of his major philosophical works included Being and Nothingness and Consciousness. His works revolved around the human existence in the world. Some of his ideas could have a significant impact on education in the United States, but most are not relevant in today’s society because of the very nature of public education in the United States. One of Sartre’s major ideas is that the world is absurd and the human is a lonely individual in this world. He believed that our existence had no meaning. Because there is no meaning attached to human existence, it is up to the human to create meaning. Therefore, there is nothing to stand in the way of a person making whatever they want out of their life and becoming anything they want. One of the foundations of the United States of America is that it is the “Land of Opportunity,” implying that a person can come to the United States and make a life for him or herself. So a modern United States education should be based on this idea and provide the platform for a student to become what they want. The reality is we teach the majority of students the same, in essence taking away that individuality that needs to be allowed for a person to become what they want. In the modern classroom, things should look very different from what we are used to. In such a
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