The World Is An Ever Changing Place

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The world is an ever changing place, moving at a punishing pace. This perpetual motion requires a constant source of energy. This energy comes in the form of oil and petroleum products, products that invigorate both our cars and America’s foreign and domestic policy. Oil is king. It rules everyday life, national policy, and the fates, even the lives, of millions of people. Oil is power in the form of black liquid in a barrel. However, America does not, at the moment, have the ability to control this valuable resource in a way that would enable the freedom of policy that the government so sorely needs. Our hands are tied. This deficiency is already costing American citizens millions and restricting government policy. By importing our oil, American’s limit themselves and the power their government can have in the world arena. There is a solution that would benefit both the economy and prestige of America: eliminating or reducing our dependence on foreign oil, through the means of increased fracking and drilling on American soil. This crippling dependence on foreign oil affects several aspects of our daily lives, the least of which is the gas prices. However, there is currently little being done to solve this problem. In 2013, the U.S. imported around $388 billion barrels of oil ("How Much Did the U.S. Spend on Imported Oil in 2013?"). Of that $388 billion, we continue to import close to $150 billion in oil from countries that have anti-American governments or sentiments
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