The World Is Becoming A Dangerous Place

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The world is becoming a dangerous place even, when you can not see it in the air unless you live in a hometown full of toxic chemicals being produced by factories. Christiana Figueres has dedicated her life to reducing the production of greenhouse gases. Climate change is happening everyday in front of our eyes, but you can not see it or realize it. Christiana Figueres, the women faced with saving the world from climate change, has made the greatest impact on climate change issues since the 2009 Copenhagen Climate Change Summit. When Christiana Figueres was a little girl growing up in Costa Rica, she fell in love with the environment. She was raised in a very political family. Her father, Jose Figueres Ferrer, served 3 terms as president of Costa Rica. During his terms, he founded the modern Costa Rican democracy and removed the nation’s standing army. Christiana’s mother, Karen Olsen Beck, served in the Costa Rican congress and was an ambassador to Israel. Growing up in a political family had an impact on what the four children did with their future. All four children went into some type of political position. Jose Maria Figueres, her older brother, served as president of Costa Rica in the 1990’s and is now involved with climate change, technology and sustainable development. Mariano Figueres Olsen, her younger brother, went on to become the national security director of Costa Rica. Muni Figueres, her half sister, became the ambassador to the United States. Having a lot of
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