The World Is Connected Like Never Before

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The world is connected like never before. While it may seem a popular phrase brought to meaningless verbiage by over usage. However, it is not merely that, for it rings true when matched to the bells of history. When the full analytical capabilities of but one mind are brought to bear, it becomes most persuasive; that argument most trodden. That country, that continent, that world, brought together by the nigh instantaneous communication across its now seemingly small surface. It is the next part of the journey of man, with its prequels the internal combustion engine and the jet engine. With those, months became hours but with the world wide web, hours have become a handful of milliseconds. Though dramatic, the previous opinions become…show more content…
Any perversions of this fundamentally destroy the nature of the internet and thus human communication. In this paper I intend to show that the internet, and thus humanity, is being undercut for the bizarre promise of security that shows no connection to the real world. Even in the parts of this world that are backward, the power of the internet connects them with the outside world thus making it a fundamental matter of human communication. So, for the sake of being succinct at least once, the regulation and attempted control of the internet not only violates the individual right to privacy, but through the ideals of the cosmopolitan, brings an assault onto the very development of mankind. To begin, it should be established what specifically is happening. Several governments, mostly large ones, around the world are attempting to control, censor, or monitor the internet within and outside of their country. The world’s greatest perpetrator is without a doubt China. The government of the Peoples Republic of China, though not alone in this regard, but willing to spend far more resources in order to achieve their goals. The Golden Shield Project, more often referred to as the Great Firewall of China, performs active surveillance of the countries networks. Furthermore, China is implementing a “Social Credit Score” which would
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