The World Is Every Country Or Nation 's Responsibility

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Climate Change Author Name(s),Elijah Rogers

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Author 's Note
Caring for the world is every country or nation 's responsibility. Fixing it is your responsibility where you live, How, by getting involved, or creating and demanding assistance in making a difference.
Climate Change This year 's hurricane Patricia is a eye opener for a change is coming. A change that is going to have a life changing trend until the end of times. I want to talk about this because the issue is out of our hands. If we did damage it, well I do not believe so, no matter how much carbon monoxide we use, we are too small to matter. I think it is prophecy, and its for told in a little unknown reference guide that the new
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My conclusion is early. We think these Articles are not enough to cover all the concerns, but here they are right to the point:

We can help, but we cannot undo mistakes
[Article on describes the sea levels are rising as a direct impact of Global warming, this Climate Change issue was always on the table, but never thought of as enough impact to prepare the world for this huge change that everyone in the world has to embrace for. The article uses a very important word, it states, sea level is rising at a accelerating condition (Article 1. The word accelerating is important because this means it is moving at a pace that is faster than past previous data collected. It also states that everyone in the past 37 years have warmer then the past 20th century in the world today. It also states we are Globally a average surface temperature Fahrenheit of about 1 degree since the late 1800 's(Article 1 ).It seems everyone believes the practical steps will resolve the issue, I think it can help, but here are the effort names:
Reducing emissions
Stop deforestation
Prepare for impacts
Fight Misinformation (article 1).
The are just a few ideas of Article ones ideas that could help, this has been every articles
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