The World Is Everything You Want It Essay

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“The world is everything you want it to be.” Mr. Charles Wiley impacted my life with these last words of his speech. I had the fortune to meet him on Thursday November 10, 2016 in a conference at Eagle Pass, where he told us about his life and the life of everyone else during World War II. It was a difficult life for people living under the conditions of war; nothing compared to what our society lives today. Everyone has it easier and not everyone is affected by a war. After his motivational conference in Uvalde, Mr. Wiley changed my view of life. This conference left me a very important lesson that I will take with me for the rest of my existence. I used to think the world ruled over my life, but now I strongly believe that only I have power over it.
Before, I thought you had to go through life waiting for your destiny, for what life had for you, but I learned that we make our own destiny. As Mr. Wiley said, the media is the most powerful influence in our life, but we can make sure we do not give in to what they want. When we read both sides of the story we can think for ourselves if we want to believe one side or the other or if we do not want to believe anything at all. We should make sure the media does not convince us one side is wrong and the other right. They try to manipulate our minds by giving us a biased opinion on day-to-day issues we have to deal with later. What happens in the world, especially in our country, affects us one way or the other. We need to pay
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