The World Is Flat By Friedman Essay

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In part one of the book “The world is flat” Friedman discusses the competition of global knowledge in the world today and how it is steadily growing. There is a discussion of the ten forces that has flattened the world. These forces are: 11/9/95, the fall of the berlin wall, 8/9/95 the day Netscape went public, work flow software, uploading, outsourcing, offshoring, insourcing, uploading, outsourcing, and the steroids. Friedman comes to a conclusion of how he thinks the world may have become flattened through these possible ten forces that he feels may have caused the world to become flattened. The world may have become flattened through what Friedman calls a convergence or rather triple convergence, because there are three in particular. The first convergence explains how these flatters collaborated to create a global-enabled platform. The second convergence is the appearance of business skills and practices that make the flattners. The third convergence is the great sourcing out will re-arrange things that define us in this world. In part two of “The world is flat” Friedman discusses free trade within the world. How goods and services are beginning to be demanded by the people. With this happening more workers are going to be needed to help with this issue. Due to increasing amounts of trade route jobs will become outsourced, digitized and automated. Friedman eventually theorizes that these untouchable jobs in this flat world will be placed into three categories. These
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