The World Is Flat By The Thomas Friedman

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In today’s rapidly altering business environment, encourage the firms to quickly classify new prospects and subsequent action to cope with changing market norms. Innovation and change have become a survival need for enterprise especially small enterprises. This aspect of change is ratified by the Thomas Friedman, a Pulitzer prize-winning his book “The World is flat." He argued that it not necessary alone for the company; however, every must strive for innovative change in this cruel world of competition. According to Brett Clay, today’s world is Darwinian world. He beautifully incorporate the change phenomena into market strategy and principles and said that even today the winners and losers of the competitive market are…show more content…
These companies have instigated an ample tradition of workplace practices that nurture employee well-being and augment organizational performance. Contenders for APA’s award were nominated from the group of former local Psychologically Healthy Workplace Award champions and submitted for concern by the psychological association in the state, province or territory in which the corporation is situated. There were four major criteria categories under which the these organization were selected, Large For-Profit Category – Triple-S, Small For-Profit Category-Bowers + Kubota Consulting, Not-For-Profit Category-Helen F. Graham Cancer Center, Government/Military/Educational Institution Category- Tripler Army Medical Center (TAMC). I choose two companies out of these, we will briefly discuss the strategies each company used to create a healthier workplace and reduce stress among their employees LARGE FOR-PROFIT CATEGORY In this category Triple-S has got the American Psychological Association’s 2013 “Psychologically Healthy Workplace Award” at an observance in Washington, D.C. Triple-S is a former winner of the Puerto Rico Psychological Association’s territorial-level Psychologically Healthy Workplace Award, succeeding it to be selected for the APA reward. Major practices this organization put to make its workplace healthy and employee able, are Employee involvement Employee of the form
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