The World Is Flat By Thomas Friedman

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Speaker Thomas Friedman is speaking at MIT, which is a private research university in Cambridge, Massachusetts. “He is an American journalist specializing in foreign affairs, global trade, the Middle East, globalization, and environmental issues. “ (Daniel H. Pink) He is talking about the basis on what the book is about and how he understood this new phenomenon. The book is titled “The World Is Flat”. This title is referring to “the global economic playing field being leveled.” This is a tremendous achievement that all started with Christopher Columbus discovering North America in 1492. This was the first development of the globalization of the world, which today has taken over economies all over the world. This advancement of technology has led to “accidently making Beijing, Bangalore and Bethesda next-door neighbors”. Mr. Friedman then references in chapter one of his book about all of the encounters he had in India that led him to the conclusion, “The World Is Flat”. We can see the effects of globalization in three major periods of time. The first starts in 1492 and goes all the way to 1800. This was a time where countries become more global with the rest of the world. Globalization 2.0 was from the 1800 to roughly 2000. This was a time of companies developing the global marketplace. Globalization 3.0 is a period of time we are in today. It will level the world and will be a period of individuals and small groups globalizing. “This era is not going to be
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