The World Is Flat, By Thomas Friedman

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In our world of a frequently mutable economy, there is no such thing as a sure thing. The rollercoaster effect of falling and rising expenses and needs for jobs are continuously changing as our times become more and more digital. Americans are finding that the life they cherish so dearly may be gone in a matter of seconds. Most however, lack the concept of why everything seems to be slipping away. People have become too comfortable riding of the coat tails of innovators that paved the way before them and they are finding themselves lost in the shuffle. The rest of the world is catching up and in the words of Thomas Friedman, in The World is Flat, "[we] simply are not educating, or even interesting, enough of our own young people in advanced math, science, and engineering" (349). Therefore, we must combat this issue at hand. America has grown idle due to the achievements of previous ideas and although we have been amusing ourselves, bathing in our own narcissism, we are no longer at the top, no longer a positive anomaly. We aren’t producing skilled and knowledgeable workers to keep our superiority, which is a direct result of an extremely problematic education system. Thus, in order to repair the damages done and the severe amount of problems in the American education system, a better functioning national system of higher education must be established. I suggest that vocational/technological schools should be combined to join in with the free community college proposal. This
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