The World Is Flat By Thomas L. Friedman Essay

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The World is Flat Author Thomas L. Friedman analyses the technological advances that are creating a level economic playing field with previously disadvantaged countries rising in knowledge and wealth rivaling that of the United States and other world powers in the world. Telephone and computer technology, previously a stronghold only of developed countries, is now easily accessible and has been accessed and mastered by countries such as China and India, making these nations competitive. Friedman perceives the flattening effect as so insightful as to be compared in scope to the Industrial Revolution. Thomas Friedman mentions that world is growing flatter. When he says that world is flat, he means that world is becoming more economically fair and levelling opportunities and wealth among all the nations. With easy access to information and availability of opportunities irrespective of one’s locations is providing for people from many different countries with an equal chance to succeed economically. He often mentions about the effect of outsourcing jobs form The United States to foreign countries. He analyzes the effects from both sides perspective. While reallocating jobs from America to foreign countries improves that country’s economy and GDP, it consequently also increases the demand for American goods in that nation. In his view this is a positive development which will refine itself continuously and continue to grow to a point when the world economies become lateral that

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