The World Is Flat Chapter 3 Summary

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The World Is Flat Ch. 3 Reading Guide Questions Please complete the following reading guide questions as you read chapter 3. You will need to copy and paste the table below in a new Google Doc in order to answer them. Please type your answers in complete sentences. Questions Answers 1. What is the first convergence and how did the 10 flatteners make it possible? The first convergence started in the year of 2000, where all of the ten flatteners started to converge and work together in and that created a new flatter global playing field. 2. What is the second convergence? Discuss one company from the book that has adapted to the change brought on by this convergence. The second convergence is where the new playing field became established,…show more content…
According to Friedman, why are people in India, China, and the former Soviet Union so hungry to get ahead? What are zippies? China, India, former Soviet Union: most important force shaping global economics and politics in the early twenty-first century is giving so many people access to all these tools of collaboration. Zippies are the huge cohort of Indian youth who are the first to come of age since India shifted away from socialism and dived headfirst into global trade and the information revolution by turning itself into the world's service center. 5. How has Boeing transformed its company during the triple convergence to make planes more efficiently? Boeing transformed its company during the triple convergence by using engineers and scientists he found in a small company, who once worked on MIG’S, to help design its next generation of passenger planes. 6. According to Friedman, why did most people in the US and Europe miss the triple convergence? Although something big such as this was happening, most people in US and Europe missed the triple convergence because it simply was not part of public discourse in America or Europe. The government did not make an effort of making it a public a fact. 7. What is the triple
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